These are downloadable lua language scripts for the Lost Marble company's software Moho. You can use or modify them freely. See the further details inside the files.

Downloadable lua script projects from Fazek
fa_script_tools.zip08.12.2006A replacement of the Tools window's original LM_ scripts, see details.(Pre-alpha)
fa_switch_xsh.zip14.07.2006An exposure sheet tool for editing of Switch layers(Pre-alpha)
fa_mplayer.zip16.06.2006A playing tool frontend for "MPlayer", a free media player(Pre-alpha)
fa_meshinstance.zip22.06.2006A layerscript, instancing vector layer mesh points(Pre-alpha)
fa_scriptwriting.zip25.08.2006Scriptwriter menus (listing Lua global variables)(Pre-alpha)


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